Encyclopedia of Death and the Afterlife by James R Lewis


What lies beyond? Is communication with the dead possible? This guide addresses questions which have been asked since the dawn of humankind, and reports on such recent trends as the increase in near-death experiences due to the use of defibrillators. Beliefs about life after death that have developed in virtually every culture, religion, philosophy and psychic dimension are also explored. The guide contains nearly 250 entries arranged in alphabetical order, and includes biographies of prominent figures in the field of psychic research, such as Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery, with data on groups like the International Association for Near-Death Studies. It also contains definitions of terms such as channeling, and “deja-vu”, and theories such as evolution of the soul, together with an exploration of various cultural and belief systems, including Christianity, Islam and Voodoo.

Paperback – 1995

Used – Very Good
Very Good to Like New Condition. Tight Spine, No markings of any kind, Good cover.


Encyclopedia of Death and the Afterlife by James R Lewis

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